Tiki Mug of the Lich King

$25.00 USD $55.00 USD

Courtesy of the Storm Crow Shop we have this amazing Tiki Mug to share with our CCC Community.

Move over, Vecna! Our custom Tiki Mug of the Lich King holds up to 16 oz of liquid (i.e. a cocktail, the blood of innocents, the tears of those who have forsaken you) or, alternatively, one (1) soul if used as a phylactery. 

Its battery-and-magic-powered crystal orb light is a magic item that gives advantage on Performance checks when lit, and there is a secret steam-chamber in the head for dry ice, incense or any other substance of your choice to create a truly chilling smoke-from-the-eyes effect. 

Don't explore the Tomb of Horrors without it!