Arcane Bullsh*t: Oracle Tarot Deck

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$16.00 USD $32.00 USD

Our friends at Arcane Bullshit made the world's most amazingly weird oracle deck: so much so that we had to carry it on our very own online store. 

This truly profane and yet genuinely profound deck includes:

  • 106 weird images printed on standard tarot-sized cards (hence "oracle tarot deck"; the deck is oracle, the cards are tarot-sized!)
  • Premium quality card stock, matte finish
  • A confusing 48-page perfect-bound guidebook
  • A gloriously sturdy 2-piece box, printed inside and out with arcane nonsense
  • Cool nudity and cursing

Perfect for wallowing in the ennui-filled uncertainty of all existence and for sending unsolicited deck pics to unsuspecting normal people. (Do either of these at your own risk.)