Six-Chapter Collections

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Choose two of our three-chapter collections to make your own adventure. 

What is included 

Chapters 1-3 (Initiation Collection)

Are you able to unlock the secrets hidden across the first three Chapters?

- Chapter I: The Custodian's Keys (Night at the Museum)
- Chapter II: Warehouse on the Wharf (Mission Impossible)
- Chapter III: The Tinker's Trinket (Bullseye award - Best Table-Top 2020) 


Chapters 4-6 (Discovery Collection)

Are you able to unlock the secrets hidden through your discovery?

- Chapter IV: The Midnight Escapade (Indiana Jones)
- Chapter V: Serpents of the Sand (Tin Tin)
- Chapter VI: Milton Manor (Bullseye award - Best Table-Top 2021) 


Chapters 7-9 (Pursuit Collection)

Are you able to unlock the secrets during your pursuit?

- Chapter VII: Access Denied
- Chapter VIII: Thornhill Forest
- Chapter IX: The End of the Line


Chapters 10-12 (Infiltration Collection)

Can you unlock the secrets of the final three chapters of Season One?

- Chapter X: What Lies Beneath
- Chapter XI: Floor Sixty-Four
- Chapter XII: Project Nexus 


Chapters 13-15 (Exploration Collection)

Welcome to Season 2. Your exploration begins with a journey into the jungle and ends with a bank heist. Good luck, Guardian, you will need it.

Chapter XIII: Chamber of Trials (Tomb raider)
Chapter XIV: Below Zero (Artic Explorer)
Chapter XV: Safekeeping (Bank Heist) 


Chapters 16-18 (Succession Collection)

During your succession, will you be able to navigate the professor's study, a musty art gallery and a trip to the Metropolitan? We'll be with you all the way, Guardian.

- Chapter XVI: Endangered Species
- Chapter XVII: Protégé
- Chapter XVIII: Calling Card


Chapters 19-21 (Legacy Collection)

Are you able to unlock the secrets hidden through your legacy?

- Chapter XIX: Foretold
- Chapter XX: Ludwig's Legacy
- Chapter XXI: The Fountain


Chapters 22-24 (Revelation Collection)

Are you able to unlock the secrets hidden through the last three chapters of Season Two?

- Chapter XXII: Crossroads
- Chapter XXIII: Destination Part I
- Chapter XXIV: Destination Part II


Recommended for 14+; younger players may require guidance from an adult. Designed to be played either solo or collaboratively, each episode is a perfect activity for date night, families, friends, or even learning groups.



Each Chapter takes an average of 60-90 minutes to solve, though players can work through them at their own pace.


Each Chapter of The CCC is supported by a dedicated digital hint library, allowing you to choose how many additional clues you receive. From subtle nudges all the way to complete solutions for each puzzle, it's up to you to choose your level of difficulty. 


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