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My Dearest Friends,

If you are reading this you undoubtedly yearn for the opportunity to exercise your skills and abilities, your powers of deduction and reason, your sense of intuition and logic; well, you have come to the right place. 

I suppose you are wondering what exactly this is... the answer is quite simple. The Curious Correspondence Club, is a mystery to unravel, a series of quests you will be tasked with completing in order to discover the ancient artifacts known as The Shards; 12 pieces of an ancient device said to have fallen from the sky eons ago. The story is told over twelve puzzles delivered by mail to your door.

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We encourage you to full explore The Adventure below, or visit the store.

Yours in Curiosity,

– The Narrator

"Legend tells of twelve curious treasures that fell to Earth long ago. They have since been lost to time and the vastness of the old world..."

And now, if whispered rumours are to be believed, nefarious forces are gathering to seek them out for their own terrifying ends.

Standing alone against the unknown threat of these ancient artifacts is a secret organization that needs your help. Join the race against time and help them find the treasures before their Adversaries!


Each month you will receive a package in the mail and the adventure begins. You will work through a series of puzzles to solve each chapter at your own pace with a digital hint system available if needed.  At the end of the 12 chapters you will challenged with a meta-puzzle.

A brand new Chapter of the serialised adventure is released every month and delivered to your door. If you missed a previous Chapter, jump in today and pick up easily where the last Chapter left off with no prior knowledge. Perhaps even stick around awhile longer to witness the story unfold across all twelve gripping Chapters.

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