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Each camera has a specific angle and range. You might need to map these out first, figure out what each camera "sees."


Before you cut any cables, make sure you know which route will take you out of here! Pen and paper could be of help: try to see what paths disabling each camera opens. This might help you chart an exit route!


Disabling the yellow cameras should do the trick! You should now have an exit route. But how do you get a pin from it? Have you tried matching the map to the number grid?


That handwritten note, "there's gotta be sumthin' here...", seems meaningful. Have you attempted adding up all the numbers on your way out?


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Fracturing as it fell, it split into twelve fragments that scattered beyond every horizon. Many powerful rulers began scouring the globe for the unearthly treasures, abandoning reason and warring over their coveted prize.

Amidst the strife, a quiet opposition began a campaign to recover and spirit away the treasures, so such fools could not possess their rumoured power. These valiant souls became known as The Guardians, who grew over the coming centuries into an intergenerational secretive society of wardens, keepers of secrets, and custodians of The Shards.

To this day, it’s said that the Guardians continue their clandestine efforts to conceal and protect the artifacts; forever in search of brave souls to join their noble cause...


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