Beware! Spoilers ahead!

Puzzle 1: The handwritten note

Hint 1 The note mentions the first answer is hidden within the words. Have you looked closely? Does anything look odd?

Hint 2 Upon closer inspection, it seems like a series of random letters in the note are capitalized. What could that mean?

Hint 3 Have you tried putting the capitalized letters together? A fastidious task indeed, but they might spell something out!

Solution Upon assembling of all the letters, a message reveals itself: “Bearing the Fruit of Life, the Tree counts its blessings.” What could it mean?

Puzzle 2: The alphabet codex

Hint 1 There’s nothing too special about this strip of paper: it’s just an alphabet, with the number of each corresponding letter below them. Why is there a mark around the letter W?

Hint 2 W is the 23rd letter of the alphabet. How many pieces of fruit were there in the Tree of Life illustration?

Hint 3 You counted 21 pieces of fruit in the Tree of Life illustration. What happens if you shift the whole alphabet by a few steps to align the letter W to spot 21? Perhaps researching what a Caesar Cypher is may help?

Solution Shifting the whole alphabet by two spots –until the letter W aligns to number 21– will give a new, re-arranged alphabet that will help you decipher the cryptic note. For instance, E in a normal alphabet (spot 5) is G in the cryptic note (spot 7).

Once you’ve figured out each letter, a note reveals itself: “You have proven your worth. Be patient, the package is on its way.”