CCC Community Manager

The Curious Correspondence Club is looking for a Curious Community Manager to help bridge our brand with our consumers. Someone to help build relationships with existing and building new ones with potential customers.

What is The Curious Correspondence Club?
We are a small but passionate studio of storytellers, puzzle-makers and designers who make an escape-room-in-an-envelope type of puzzle experience.

What are we looking for?
We are looking for a Curious Community Manager who will be willing and able to represent the Curious Correspondence brand both online and in-person, where applicable. The candidate will work alongside our Marketing Manager to plan and execute ongoing social media and email newsletter with the focus of encouraging positive engagement and overall growth of the community.


  • Create engaging text, image and video content for social media and newsletters.
  • Build relationships with influencers, customers, industry professionals and journalists.
  • Create and maintain contact lists and be able to create materials for press.
  • Help craft and execute a consistent and fun brand tone of voice.
  • Be prepared to take the initiative and experiment with new things in the social and community space.
  • Be interested in and able to stay up-to-date with relevant trends and news within the industry as a whole (board games, tabletops, puzzle games etc.)
  • Preparing reports and being confident to make suggestions on how we can improve on KPIs moving forward.

Skills / Personality:

  • Personally enthusiastic about any of the following - puzzle games, board games, escape rooms, ARGs etc.
  • Experience or knowledge about digital communities in any of the following - puzzle games, video games, ARGs, puzzle hunts etc.
  • Proven experience as a community manager, social media manager, PR executive, or a similar role.
  • Experience managing social media accounts and their associated tools, including Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn etc.
  • Experience building relationships with and managing influencers.
  • Confidence and ability to monitor and report on feedback and online reviews.
  • Proficient written and communication skills.
  • Good ability with image editing software.
  • Proficient digital ability.

Nice to haves:

  • Proven experience with Twitch, TikTok, Discord, Imgur, Reddit, LinkedIn etc.
  • Experience with our existing tools (Klaviyo, Later, Shopify etc.)
  • Experience managing a brand ambassador program.
  • Illustration skills.
  • Experience running paid media ads - social or Google.
  • Experience administrating or managing a CRM.
  • Ability to interpret web traffic.
    This is a full time remote role.

    We welcome applications from candidates of any race or ethnicity, sexual orientation, age, gender identity and/or presentation, national origin, religion, and/or other group not specifically mentioned. We're a diverse team and we value that.

    If you think you might like to join us, then please send a cover letter and your resume, along with anything else you'd like us to see (like social media links), to Mairi, Marketing Manager, at